Three years ago, we set out to do something different.

We tore down our traditional daily newspaper and created something new. We began publishing two weekly newsmagazines: Emerald Monday and Emerald Wknd. We focused on bringing you the news early in the week and help plan your weekends with our Thursday edition.

We ditched the philosophy that we should hold a story until the paper came out. “Let’s hold it for print” isn’t something you’ll hear in Suite 300. It’s that kind of thinking that got people to notice what we were doing.

It’s also what got us to decide that our web presence could be more than it was. as we’ve known it has served us well since we launched The Revolution, the ongoing movement to innovate and prepare our student staffers for the journalism jobs of tomorrow. But it lacked a few key features that our readers and staff have expressed an interest in seeing.

Starting today, we’ll have related story sidebars for every single post on We’re moving our commenting system from a the login-based Disqus service to Facebook — no more pesky email registration or passwords to remember.

We’re also bringing a longstanding Emerald brand to the web: GameDay. We’ve produced special sections for Oregon sports for nearly three decades now. From football to men’s basketball and track and field, GameDay has been there to give you behind-the-scenes looks at what’s happening on the court, the gridiron and beyond.

We’re also giving two of our newer features a permanent place in our navigation bar.

We started the year with a small innovation team that’s designed to produce longform multimedia stories for the University of Oregon community. They’re the best our staff has to offer. If we were still a daily newspaper, these are the stories that would make the front page. That’s why we’re calling them E1, a play on what The New York Times, The Oregonian and other dailies call their front page (A1, for the uninitiated.)

Our staffers — from news and sports to arts and culture — have also been hard at work producing podcasts on SoundCloud. These pieces now have their own home in the new navigation bar under multimedia. Check some of them out.

Our new site interface is more user-friendly than before, loaded with more entry points to all of our content and custom-built to get you where you want to go.