On Monday, the Oregon athletic department confirmed junior Kevin Farin was dismissed from the Oregon men’s tennis team.

But according to Farin, that’s not exactly how it played out.

“That kind of is not really true,” Farin said. “I asked a day later if I need to come to practice and they told me no.”

“I assumed I was kicked off.”

Farin said it was at practice on March 21, before Oregon traveled to Los Angeles, California to play UCLA and USC, when the incident that provoked his dismissal occurred.

“I lost my cool on the court – I screamed and left,” Farin said.

Later that night, Farin texted head coach Nils Schyllander what time he should come the following day for Sunday practice, “because I was supposing we were going to have a meeting or something.”

“He just told me not to come,” Farin remembers.

Farin called Schyllander that Sunday and was told he “can’t continue with the team.”

Farin played in his final match for Oregon against Boise State on March 15.

Farin said that he had problems with the two coaches, more so with Jonas Piibor – Oregon’s associate head coach – than Schyllander.

“I’m not blaming them, I know they have their difficulties with their job,” Farin said. “I just feel like we could have dealt with the problems better. There was a lack of respect sometimes to the players.”

Farin felt that the players that weren’t in the lineup were treated differently than the starters.

“I didn’t really like how they treated some players on the team,” Farin said. “We talked about it, we had meetings about it and everything. It was just like a day-to-day struggle.”

Farin also said that the Oregon coaches made players play through injuries.

“Even if you’re pretty badly injured they’re going to try to make you play,” Farin said. “Which is not always a good solution. Which happened for me, I had a wrist problem and we didn’t deal with it correctly. That was two weeks before I had the issue.”

“I did things wrong too, I’m a pretty impulsive guy and I know sometimes I lose my cool, so I also take my responsibility on that. As a team we could have dealt better with some issues we had during the season.”

Schyllander and Piibor declined to comment.

Farin has completely withdrawn from the UO and is heading back to his home country of Belgium “at the end of this week or at the beginning of next week.”

“I’m taking a break from studies and in a year or something I (plan) to come back and play (at a) second division school somewhere just to finish my degree and play a good year,” Farin said.

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