It’s only about halfway through winter break and without the bustle and excitement of being at college, you have found yourself slumped deep into the couch eating holiday cookies, already having binge-watched most of your Netflix shows. You’ve been like this for days. The few friends you’ve still kept in touch with from home are busy or working all day, every day. You’ve even started sleeping in to an unreasonable hour in attempt to eat up some of the lonely daylight hours.

Finally you take a good, long look at yourself and realize you cannot live like this any longer: you must free yourself from this slump and get out there, breathe some fresh air or do something productive with your days.

Here are some activities to ease that stir-crazy side that you can feel comfortable doing all by yourself:

  1. Take yourself on a coffee date. People go to coffee shops by themselves all the time. Pick out a trendy little cafe you’ve been meaning to try, and treat yourself to a latte that you can enjoy in the corner on your own, or accompanied by a good book. You can stay as long as you want, and maybe it will become your new favorite place where you can later bring a friend or a date.

  2. Go on a walk. If you just need a quick way to get the kinetic energy out of your body, grab a jacket and take a stroll around your neighborhood. You’ll get some fresh air and some space for your mind to breathe.

  3. Do something crafty. What’s more productive than making something brand new out of nothing? Get creative! Dive into the DIY ideas of Pinterest, revamp something old, or create a piece of art. There are many ways to get crafty for both experienced crafters and beginners alike.

  4. Discover a new hike. If you are in Oregon, there is an abundance of nature waiting to be explored. Pack a lunch and some gear to keep you warm and venture out on your own for some outdoor exercise. Just make sure to be safe: tell a friend where you’re planning on going and set a time you plan to be back.

  5. Pick up a new hobby. Finally follow through with that dream of learning guitar, or of making a good acrylic painting. Find some videos on computer coding, or a book on photography basics. Starting something brand new takes up time and is fun too!

  6. Get lost in a bookstore. Build your personal library without the pressures of having a friend waiting on you. Stroke the spines and peruse the shelves as long as your heart desires.

  7. Build a gingerbread house. Bring out your inner architect and build an intricate gingerbread house your working friends will ooh-and-ah over. Complete it with a frosting pond and picket fence.

  8. Surprise your family with a new dinner or dessert that you made from scratch. Plus, you can start to build your college cuisine to include more than just ramen and cereal.

  9. Write out some christmas cards to your friends. Nothing beats the feeling of making someone else feel good. Pick up some cards and tell your friends what you admire about them to spread some extra cheer this holiday season.

  10. Explore a museum or historical site. Hover for as long as you want around that special piece of art that caught your eye, or learn something new from a historical brochure without feeling the pressure of having to rush through the exhibits with others.

  11. Brainstorm New Year’s Resolutions. Get a jump start on that list of goals for the new year, and have time to really think them through and maybe make a few more than just “go to the gym.”

  12. Play tourist in your own hometown. Growing up in an area makes it so you sometimes overlook a lot of fun things there are to do around town. Be a tourist for the day and go into all the trendy shops, visit the big landmarks, and see your city in a different light.

  13. Discover new music. Let yourself fall down the rabbit hole and find some new tunes you wouldn’t have found otherwise. Check out some old record stores to hear a mix of old and new sounds.

  14. Finish a project you’ve been putting off. We all have that one thing we’ve been trying to do but the stress of fall term wouldn’t allow it. Whether it’s a video for your portfolio, a new story idea, or an innovative idea, take this time to finally bring it to life.

  15. Pick up an adult coloring book. This new trend is a great way to kill some time and boredom. Spend hours filling the intricate designs with color to create a beautiful mosaic your childhood self would be astounded by.