Ah, the glorified winter break is here. The one time in the school year that everyone looks forward to, simply because the stress would kill us without it. There can’t be anything more reviving than being able to stay home, especially if you happen to live in the dorms like I do. Without the added work of school to go along with it, there are many things about home that happen to be beautifully complimentary. I mean even though family members can get on your last nerve you sometimes they can still light up your day just by being around. The family time and festivities are fun, but the best thing about being on break is being able to sleep in my own bed.

My bed in college has summed up to be a back breaker in the making. Honestly the amount of back issues that have come up since my going to school is unreal. So in theory, being able to come home and cozy up in my bigger, softer bed should help my spine, but in reality it has solved other previous problems as well.

The fact that it’s actually quiet when I go to bed, and that the hallway lights can be turned off is miraculous. Sleeping in my own bed has turned out to be something close to a holiday miracle, the greatest gift of them all. In fact when my mom asked me what I wanted for Christmas, I told her I wanted Excedrin Migraine. That didn’t exactly blow over well. Long story short, she ended up buying me the Excedrin and tricking a list out of me anyway.

Many may say that the best thing about a holiday break from school is the lack of stress, but if you ask me, the holidays are actually one of the most stressful times of the year. Especially if you’re someone like me and you find random things to stress about for the benefit of no one. On top of keeping up with usual responsibilities there are so many factors during the holidays that can make anyone’s stress levels rise. Many people have to run around giving rides to relatives that are visiting, make sure everything at the house is set up for said relatives to stay and go to the grocery store for something almost everyday.

At this point it doesn’t matter that I have been out of school for almost a whole month, I have still been stressing because unfortunately there will always be things to stress about. Being able to lay down in my own bed after a hard day of life has been extremely gratifying these last few weeks.

Now I won’t lie, the close second to having my own bed would be the food. Being able to eat home-cooked meals again is simply amazing. When I’m at school and I miss home, I tell myself it’s because I miss the food, which makes things easier since then I don’t have to cope with the fact that I’m avrually homesick. I can just focus on simply one aspect: the food. Then, of course, I come home and eat as many home-cooked meals as I possibly can, many of which are promptly followed by a food coma in the best spot in the house: my bed.

When it comes to visiting home for the holidays, it just so happens that, the best thing that could possibly happen to me is having the chance to sleep in my comfortable bed.